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Real Mahjong


Real Mahjong was offline from 10 December 2013 to 27 February 2014. Apologies for any frustration this caused but I've not been monitoring it for some time (pressure of other work) and have only just noticed that is wasn't working. Anyway we're now back to normal...

Get Real Mahjong and start playing right away.

Play as a multi-player game with one to three of your Real Mahjong friends and contacts, or just play solo. The number is automatically made up to four with 'virtual' players, so it's always a four-player game whatever the number of real players!

Check your contacts list to see who's available and invite them to join you in a game.

Play virtually anywhere, any time, 24/7. All you need is a PC running Windows (XP, Vista, Windows 7) and a broadband connection!

If you have four real players you can play a complete multi-hand game with Goulash, player rotation and prevailing wind rotation, and with points accumulated throughout the game.


Traditionally, anyone claiming or discarding a tile, or calling Mahjong, is supposed to do so by saying 'Pung', 'Three Circles', or whatever. Real Mahjong does this for you automatically, and even reminds you if your attention wanders and you forget to take a turn! You can turn sounds off to avoid annoying people if you're in a quiet area.

Set your own Rules

Real Mahjong is based on British Rules, which include almost all the Chinese rules. You can vary them to suit your preferences by selecting the special hands you want to allow, whether to allow Chows, whether to allow Flowers and Seasons, and whether to play a Goulash hand after a washout. I plan to add other major rule-sets (American, Hong Kong, etc.) later.


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